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Our research goals mainly focus on the investigation and application of novel synthetic methods of organic chemistry. One of our central topics is the chemistry of carbohydrates. On the one hand, complex carbohydrates represent attractive targets of our synthetic routes; on the other hand, we try to establish members of the carbohydrate family as starting compounds with complex stereochemistry, but high availability. 

Another aspect of our scientific work deals with the development of straightforward synthetic protocols, such as indium mediated C-C coupling, cycloalkane oxidation or the synthesis of thioamides.

The synthesis of metabolic amino acid precursors, which can be used in cell-based overexpression systems to produce selectively C-13, N-15 or H-2 isotope labeled proteins is another research goal we are actively pursuing. The resulting proteins can be applied to address structure-biological questions using techniques of NMR spectroscopy. You can find further information here.

The optimization of enzymatic reactions for applications in organic synthesis is another task of our research. In this context, novel Aldolase substrates, as well as the application of Chloroperoxidase in ionic liquids have been investigated.

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