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Selected Publications

Riedl, Bettina; Schmid, Walther A concise route to access C-​glycosidic tetrazolyl analogues of Kdo as bioisosteres. Carbohydrate Research 2018, 456, 30-34.


Lichtenecker, Roman J.; Schörghuber, Julia; Bisaccia, Marilena Synthesis of Metabolic Amino acid Precursors: Tools for Selective Isotope Labeling in Cell-Based Protein Overexpression. Synlett 201526, 2611-2616.


Schörghuber, Julia; Sara, Tomas; Bisaccia, Marilena; Schmid, Walther; Konrat, Robert; Lichtenecker, Roman J. Novel approaches in selective Tryptophan labeling using Escherichia coli overexpression media. ChemBioChem 2015, 16, 5, 746-751.


Albler, Christopher; Schmid, Walther. From amino acids to fluorine-containing carbohydrates: De novo synthesis of 2-amino-4-fluoroxylose and -lyxose. Eur. J. Org. Chem. 2015, 6, 1314-1319.


Albler, Christopher; Hollaus, Ralph; Kählig, Hanspeter; Schmid, Walther. Indium Mediated Allylation in Carbohydrate Synthesis: A short and Efficient Approach towards Higher 2-Acetamido-2-Deoxy Sugars. Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry 2014, 10, 2230-2234.


Lichtenecker, Roman J. Synthesis of aromatic 13C/2H-alpha-ketoacid precursors to be used in selective phenylalanine and tyrosine protein labelling. Org. Biomol. Chem. 2014, 12, 38, 7551-7560.


Albler, Christopher; Schmid, Walther. Synthetic Routes towards Fluorine-Containing Amino Sugars: Synthesis of Fluorinated Analogues of Tomosamine and 4-Aminoarabinose. Eur. J. Org. Chem. 2014, 12, 2451-2459.


Lichtenecker, Roman J.; Weinhaeupl, Katharina; Schmid, Walther; Konrat, Robert. α-​Ketoacids as precursors for phenylalanine and tyrosine labelling in cell-​based protein overexpression. Journal of Biomolecular NMR 2013, 57(4), 327-331.


Lichtenecker, Roman J.; Weinhaeupl, Katharina; Reuther, Lukas; Schoerghuber, Julia; Schmid, Walther; Konrat, Robert. Independent valine and leucine isotope labeling in Escherichia coli protein overexpression systems. Journal of Biomolecular NMR 2013, 57(3), 205-209.


Lichtenecker, Roman J.; Coudevylle, Nicolas; Konrat, Robert; Schmid, Walther. Selective Isotope Labelling of Leucine Residues by Using α-​Ketoacid Precursor Compounds. ChemBioChem 2013, 14(7), 818-821.


Schmoelzer, Christoph; Nowikow, Christina; Kaehlig, Hanspeter; Schmid, Walther. Gram scale de novo synthesis of 2,​4-​diacetamido-​2,​4,​6-​trideoxy-​D-​galactose. Carbohydrate Research 2013, 367, 1-4. 


Bixner, Oliver; Lukes, Vladimir; Mancal, Tomas; Hauer, Juergen; Milota, Franz; Fischer, Michael; Pugliesi, Igor; Bradler, Maximilian; Schmid, Walther; Riedle, Eberhard; et al. Ultrafast photoinduced charge transfer unveiled by two-​dimensional electronic spectroscopy.  Journal of Chemical Physics 2012, 136(20), 204503/1 -204503/12.


Braitsch, Michaela; Kaehlig, Hanspeter; Kontaxis, Georg; Fischer, Michael; Kawada, Toshinari; Konrat, Robert; Schmid, Walther. Synthesis of fluorinated maltose derivatives for monitoring protein interaction by 19F NMR. Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry 2012, 8, 448-455.


Michael Fischer, Hanspeter Kählig, Walther Schmid. Gram Scale Synthesis of 3-Fluoro-1-hydroxyacetone Phosphate: A Novel Donor Substrate in Rabbit Muscle Aldolase-Catalyzed Aldol Reactions. Chemical Communications 2011, 6647-6649.


Fischer, Michael; Schmoelzer, Christoph; Nowikow, Christina; Schmid, Walther. Indium-Mediated Allenylation of Aldehydes and Its Application in Carbohydrate Chemistry: Efficient Synthesis of D-Ribulose and 1-Deoxy-D-ribulose. European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2011, 1645-1651.


Harrer, Andrea; Lang, Roland; Grims, Robert; Braitsch, Michaela; Hawranek, Thomas; Aberer, Werner; Vogel, Lothar; Schmid, Walther; Ferreira, Fatima; Himly, Martin. Diclofenac hypersensitivity: antibody responses to the parent drug and relevant metabolites. PLoS One 2010, 5(10), e13707.


Schmoelzer, Christoph; Fischer, Michael; Schmid, Walther.  Permanganate Oxidation Revisited: Synthesis of 3-Deoxy-2-uloses via Indium-Mediated Chain Elongation of Carbohydrates. European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2010, 4886-4892,


Lichtenecker, Roman J.; Schmid, Walther.   Application of various ionic liquids as cosolvents for chloroperoxidase-catalysed biotransformations.    Monatshefte fuer Chemie 2009140(5), 509-512.


Macedo, Sofia; Pechlaner, Maria; Schmid, Walther; Weik, Martin; Sato, Katsuko; Dennison, Christopher; Djinovic-Carugo, Kristina.   Can soaked-in scavengers protect metalloprotein active sites from reduction during data collection?    Journal of Synchrotron Radiation 2009, 16(2), 191-204. 


Schedlbauer, Andreas; Auer, Renate; Ledolter, Karin; Tollinger, Martin; Kloiber, Karin; Lichtenecker, Roman; Ruedisser, Simon; Hommel, Ulrich; Schmid, Walther; Konrat, Robert; Kontaxis, Georg.   Direct methods and residue type specific isotope labeling in NMR structure determination and model-driven sequential assignment. Journal of Biomolecular NMR 2008, 42(2), 111-127.


Nagl, Michael; Panuschka, Claudia; Barta, Andrea; Schmid, Walther. The BF3.Et2O
Assisted Conversion of Nitriles to Thioamides with Lawesson`s Reagent
. Synthesis 2008, 4012-4018.

Durrani, Arjumand I.; Schwartz, Heidi; Schmid, Walther; Sontag, Gerhard.  a -Lipoic acid in dietary supplements: Development and comparison of HPLC-CEAD and HPLC-ESI-MS methods. Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis 200745(4), 694-699.


Kloiber, Karin; Fischer, Michael;  Ledolter,  Karin;  Nagl,  Michael;  Schmid,  Walther;  Konrat,  Robert.  Generation  and  relaxation  of  high rank coherences in AX3 systems in a selectively methionine labelled SH2 domain. J Biomol  NMR 2007, 38, 125-131.


Fischer, Michael; Kloiber, Karin; Hauesler, Johannes; Ledolter, Karin; Konrat, Robert; Schmid, Walther. Synthesis of a 13C-methyl-group-labeled methionine precursor as a useful tool for simplifying protein structural analysis by NMR Spectroscopy. ChemBioChem 2007, 8(6), 610-612.


Kawada, Toshinari; Yoneda, Yuko; Asano, Ryuiji; Kan-no, Ippei; Schmid, Walther. Synthesis of plantamajoside, a bioactive dihydroxyphenylethyl glycoside from Plantago major L. Holzforschung 2006, 60(5), 492-497.


Tollinger, Martin; Kloiber, Karin; Agoston, Bianca; Doringoni, Cornlia; Lichtenecker, Roman; Schmid, Walther; Konrat, Robert. An Isolated Helix Persists in a Sparsely Populated Form of KIX under Native Conditions. Biochemistry 2006, 45(29), 8885-8893.


Trettenhahn, Guenther; Nagl, Michael; Neuwirth, Norbert; Arion, Vladimir B.; Jary, Walther; Poechlauer, Peter; Schmid, Walther. A hexanuclear iron(III) carboxylate with an [Fe6(µ3-O)3(µ2-OH)]11+ core as an efficient catalyst for cyclalkane oxidation. Angewandte Chemie, International Edition  2006, 45(17), 2794-2798.


Jary, Walther; Poechlauer, Peter; Neuwirth, Norbert; Nagl, Michael; Schmid, Walther. Method for liquid phase oxidation of saturated hydrocarbons. PCT Int. Appl. 2005, 29 pp.


Dorner, Silke; Schmid, Walther; Barta, Andrea. Activity of 3´thioAMP derivatives as ribosomal P-site substrates. Nucleic Acids Research 2005, 33(9), 3065-3071.


Lichtenecker, Roman; Ludwiczek, Martin L.; Schmid, Walther; Konrat, Robert;. Simplification of protein NOESY spectra using bioorganic precursor synthesis and NMR spectral editing. Journal of the American Chemical Society 2004, 126(17), 5348-5349.


Dorner, Silke; Panuschka, Claudia; Schmid, Walther; Barta, Andrea; Mononucleotide derivatives as ribosomal P-site substrates reveal an important contribution of the 2´-OH to activity. Nucleic Acids Research 2003, 31(22), 6536-6542.


Fiedler Christian; Schmid, Walther; Schuhbauer, Hans. Procedure for the multi-step production of alpha-lipoic acid. Ger. Offen. 2003, 18 pp.


Wenzl, Irmgard; Neuwirth, Norbert; Hedenetz, Alexander G.; Fiedler, Christian; Streicher, Hansjorg, Unger, Frank M.; Schmid, Walther. Synthesis of sulfur-containing analogues of alphalGalNAc (Tn antigen) and beta-Gal1,3alpha-GalNAc (T-antigen). Monatsherfte für Chemie 2002, 133(4), 531-540.


Schmid, Walther; Stütz, Arnold E. Editorial. Monatshefte für Chemie 2002, 133(4), 349-350.


Schmid, Walther; Stütz, Arnold E.; Editors. Timely Research Perspectives in Carbohydrate Chemistry. Monatsh. Chem., 2002; 133(4), 249.


Streicher, Hansjorg; Schmid, Walther; Wenzl, Irmgard; Fiedler, Christian; Kählig, Hanspeter; Unger, Frank M. Synthesis and binding to plant lectins of sulfur-containing analogues of beta-Gal1,3-alpha-GalNAc (T-antigen). Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters 2000, 10(12), 1369-1371.


Wenzl, Irmgard; Kählig, Hanspeter; Unger, Frank M.; Schmid, Walther. A novel approach to beta-1,4-linked thiosaccharides starting from disulfide sugars. Monatshefte für Chemie 1999, 130(9), 1137-1145.


Klaps, Ernst; Schmid, Walther. Carboindation of Carbon-Carbon Triple Bonds: Regioselective Indium-Mediated Allylation of Functionalized Alkynes and Transformation into Halogen-Substituted 1,4-Dienes. Journal of Organic Chemistry 1999, 64(20), 7537-7546.


Klaps, Ernst; Neuninger, Christina; Messner, Paul; Schmid, Walther. Synthesis of GDP-2-acetamido-2-deoxy-alpha-D-Mannose (GDP-ManNAc). Carbohydrate Letters 1996, 2(2), 97-100.


Binder, Wolfgang H.; Kaehlig, Hanspeter; Schmid, Walther. Galactosylation by use of beta-galactosidase: enzymic syntheses of disaccharide nucleosides. Tetrahedron: Asymmetry 1995, 6(7), 1703-1710.


Binder, Wolfgang H.; Kaehlig, Hanspeter; Schmid, Walther. Galactosylation by use of beta-galactosidase: chemo-enzymic syntheses of di- and trisaccharides. Tetrahedron 1994, 50(35), 10407-18.


Prenner, Reinhard H.; Binder, Wolfgang H.; Schmid, Walther. Indium-assisted allylation in carbohydrate chemistry: a convenient route to D-glycero-D-galacto- and D-glycero-L-galacto-heptose. Liebigs Annalen der Chemie 1994, (1), 73-78.


Binder, Wolfgang H.; Prenner, Reinhard H.; Schmid, Walther. Indium-mediated allylation of aldehydes: a convenient route to 2-desoxy and 2,6-didesoxy carbohydrates. Tetrahedron 1994, 50(3), 749-758.


Maliakel, Balu P.; Schmid, Walther. Total synthesis of sphydrofuran. Journal of Carbohydrate Chemistry 1993, 12(4-5), 415-424.


Maliakel, Balu P.; Schmid, Walther. Chemo-enzymic synthesis of natural products: synthesis of sphydrofuran. Tetrahedron Letters 1992, 33(23), 3297-3300.

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